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Storm Advisory for August 15: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

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Phil Kessel eating hot dogs from the Stanley Cup on a golf course? Peak August hockey right there.

“Not much, just eating a hot dog out of the Stanley Cup, you?”
@phil_kessel_81_ (Instagram)

Reading Assignments

It’s a bit of a social media-heavy day here at Storm Advisory HQ:

  • A few of the Hurricanes staff members volunteered yesterday at the Emily K Center in Durham yesterday getting ready for the start of the school year:
  • Former Canes TV host Michelle McMahon is moving on from NHL Network to a more prominent role at her other outlet:
  • Speaking of NHL Network, Jeff Skinner made the network’s list of Top 20 Wings Right Now. Where did he end up on the countdown?
  • No way David Pastrnak is on the trade there?
  • The Minnesota Wild did themselves no favors in trying to convince Russian prospect Kirill Kaprizov to jump ship from the KHL to North America. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • How did Adrian Dater break the news of the Quebec Nordiques moving to Denver in 1995? [BSN Denver]
  • The best part of this? The NHL’s official Twitter account actually retweeted this photo:

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