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Storm Advisory for August 18: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

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Pasta should get paid, the Pens need centers, the Checkers made their own holiday, and more.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Reading Assignments

  • Special teams can make or break a team, and the Hurricanes have the potential for some very...special...special teams [Technician]
  • Any time you have Mike Maniscalco and John Forslund behind microphones talking about Canes hockey, it’s a good day. The two did just that yesterday, as Maniscalco filled in for David Glenn. [David Glenn Show]
  • Coming off of an incredible year, David Pastrnak is in need of a new contract with the Boston Bruins (or perhaps another team?), but the customary “bridge deal” for modern young stars may not be best for team or player. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Elsewhere in contract news, 2014-15 NHL All-Star Zemgus Girgensons is locked in for two more years in Buffalo. [Die By The Blade]
  • Ever wonder how a beer league full of NHL pros would work? Look no further than Minnesota’s “Da Beauty League.” [MN Star Tribune]
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins will undoubtedly still be the Pittsburgh Penguins again this season, but the team’s roster has taken a bit of a hit (Pop Quiz: Who is Pittsburgh’s third-line center? Exactly). Still, you won’t see any knee-jerk reaction from them. []
  • If you missed out on #NationalCharlotteCheckersDay yesterday, you could still reap the rewards. The team reached their goal of trending on Twitter, so get ready for another round of 1950’s-era ticket prices (cheaper than the beer!), jerseys, and other promotional activities this season:
  • Speaking of Checkers promotions, there’s a “Homegrown” series going on in Charlotte as well, and your work could be featured: