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Storm Advisory for August 28

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Here’s how to help those in need in southeast Texas.

Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

I’ll be honest: I struggled with even titling this post today. Calling something "Storm Advisory" in the face of the catastrophe in Houston seems at best tone-deaf and at worst totally crass.

But I decided to keep it the same, because it’s what you expect from us, and regardless of what it’s titled we were planning to devote the entire piece to storm recovery today.

If you haven’t seen Defending Big D’s roundup of storm-related relief efforts, head there now. It’s pinned to the top of our site today.

If someone feels so inclined as to organize a benefit for Houston on behalf of Canes Country, drop me an email - bdleblanc at gmail - and I’ll do my best to assist however I can. I don’t have time to put it together, but I will gladly help out.

Just to put in perspective how massive the area covered by this storm is, the distance from Houston to San Antonio is a little farther than the distance between Raleigh and Charlotte. That’s nearly 200 miles (in a straight line) that’s seen feet of rain over the past three days, with more to come.

Please, help if you can. Again, here is the link to local relief organizations in Texas. And if you’re near the NC coast, where a tropical storm is stirring up over the next couple of days, please make sure you stay safe yourself.

We’ll be back with our normal tomfoolery tomorrow.