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Storm Advisory: Hurricanes Training Camp Schedule Released and Daily NHL Roundup

The Hurricanes will have two home games during training camp this year.

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Jamie Kellner

Hockey’s back at PNC Arena!

By Jake Crouse

The Carolina Hurricanes announced their 2017 training camp schedule yesterday, beginning on Thursday with team physicals and testing. Then the team will take to the ice Friday morning for the first training camp practice at 8:45.

In line with the 20th anniversary celebrations, the Hurricanes practice teams are named after two early members of the Hurricanes franchise: Kevin Dineen and Robert Kron.

All practices are open to the public except on Saturday, September 16th and Thursday, October 5 due to N.C. State home football games on those days.

Among the Hurricanes training camp opponents this year are Washington, who had the best regular season record last year, as well as Tampa Bay, Edmonton and Buffalo. They will play the Lightning at home on Wednesday, September 20th and the Capitals at home on Friday, September 29th.

Carolina’s final home practice will be October 6th, the day before the team kicks off its season against the Wild at home.

The full training camp roster will be announced at a later date, but click here for the training camp schedule.

Reading Assignments

By Brian LeBlanc

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  • The Hurricanes could do what now?!
  • There’s a new look at center ice at PNC for this season: