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Storm Advisory for September 15: Carolina Hurricanes News, Links and Daily Roundup

This One Fact Will Change Everything You Knew About Sebastian Aho

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Yes, we’re early today because we wanted to beat the early birds headed to the first practice of training camp this morning. We’ll have some of the practice on Facebook Live later today, as well as perhaps an interview or two. Head over to Facebook and hang out there for our camp reports today, and there’s a chance we might put a photo or two up on Instagram @canescountrypix, so follow us there as well.
  • Jeff Gravley says that nothing’s changed in regards to the status of Chuck Greenberg’s bid to buy the Hurricanes, and Peter Karmanos hasn’t given Greenberg a firm deadline to get a final answer. [WRALSportsFan]
  • Headed to the Caniac Carnival on Sunday? Here’s what you can expect. [Hurricanes]
  • Ron Francis will likely say much of the same on Sunday at the Carnival, but he gave Michael Smith some thoughts on where the team stands heading into camp. [Hurricanes]
  • John Forslund joins Adam and Joe to preview training camp. [WRALSportsFan audio]
  • The Canes’ pronunciation guide for this season is now out. Spoiler: you’ve been saying Aho wrong. (He was at the World Cup last summer and didn’t record his name, and never corrected the record later in the season.) [CanesPR]
  • What kind of odds do the Canes have of ending the NHL’s longest playoff drought this season? [Sporting News]
  • Canadian broadcaster Mike Kelly put together a video recap of Jeff Skinner’s excellent 2016-17 season:
  • Lights, camera, say cheese:
  • And get your hands on some new threads starting tomorrow morning: