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The Charlotte Checkers play their own version of a winter classic

If a hockey game takes place, and no one is allowed to see it, does it make a sound?

Ben Carter/Charlotte Checkers

A snow day in North Carolina means a list of cancellations as long as a receipt at CVS. (Yes, your kids’ school system cancelled classes today. And probably tomorrow too. On the bright side, the grocery store is probably open, with cheap beer aplenty.)

But two things will go on no matter the weather. One, the post office, because that Amazon Prime package with toilet paper, C batteries and a refrigerator water filter (don’t judge) is going to show up in two days come hell or high water snowdrifts. And two, AHL hockey!

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers were in their final visit to Charlotte this season when North Carolina became a winter wonderland on Wednesday. And with local officials urging people to stay off the roads, the Charlotte Checkers took it to its logical end: a game with no crowd, no game staff, no nothing except the two teams, the officials, and a skeleton crew of Checkers employees.

The result, as chronicled on Twitter, was a truly unique hockey spectacle - the un-Winter Classic, if you will.

Stay safe, everyone.