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Canes Country Podcast: Looking for Answers

The one where we wave the white flag.

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Jamie Kellner

Well, it’s about *that* time of year when the negativity starts to settle in. A rough week for the Carolina Hurricanes paints an unclear picture for the team as they prepare for the stretch run of the 2017-18 regular season.

The guys, joined by guest Liam Goff, discuss the following topics on this week’s episode of the podcast:

  • A warm welcome to our guest, Canes Country’s local hockey writer Liam Goff, and Justin asks him to review the podcast while on the podcast. (0:00)
  • Liam talks about his transition from being a Minnesotan to being a North Carolinian, the local hockey scene in the Triangle, and covering local amateur hockey. (2:33)
  • Game recaps for Carolina’s 3-1 loss in Detroit, 5-1 loss against the Golden Knights, and 3-1 loss in Pittsburgh. Where do the Hurricanes go from here? (5:51)
  • Scott Darling continues to struggle in his first season as a Hurricane. How should the organization handle their big-money goaltender? (13:18)
  • What is the real problem with the Hurricanes? Bill Peters, lack of talent, or both? (23:30)
  • The ticket prices are lowering and the attendance numbers are rising at PNC Arena. (37:48)

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