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Storm Advisory 10/12/18: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup said we’re a top 10 team? Hoo boy.

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Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • The Canes cracked the top 10 in’s Super 16 rankings (and of course, they showed the least effort to describe our highs and lows). [NHL]
  • Going to the game on Saturday, October 20? Here’s some info for parking, events and such:
  • The lede to Cat Silverman’s feature on Curtis McElhinney’s fit with the Hurricanes resonated heavily with me: “It’s​ been​ a long​ time since​ Carolina Hurricanes fans had the kind​ of​ goaltending​ that​ other teams​ coveted.” [The Athletic $]
  • Also on the Athletic yesterday was a rundown of the Canes so far this year from Sara Civian, not just on the highs, but also areas that need improvement. [The Athletic $]
  •’s list of 10 Rookies to Watch includes two Canes. [NHL]
  • The AHL is rolling out a new free Facebook Watch game each week, beginning with a doubleheader today. [AHL]
  • Phil Kessel put up a natural hat trick last night, which makes sense since I tab him as “the cool dad” who drinks Natural Light:
  • And David Perron had a hatty of his own, too, though it wasn’t natty:
  • Auston Matthews AKA Hockey’s Captain America put up his ninth (!) goal in five games last night.
  • And the Preds and Jets (former Thrashers) not only played an entertaining game last night, but also got a little scrappy:
  • There are no games on the schedule in the NHL tonight. None. Nada. Zilch. But what better excuse to go enjoy opening day of the State Fair?
  • One last note: Hurricanes practice has been called off today because PNC is being set up for a WWE show tomorrow and Raleigh Center Ice is without power. We hope everyone came through the storm with minimal damage and if you are without power, hopefully you get it back soon!