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The Wager Wire: Week 3

We certainly made up for the previous week’s ineptitude with a solid performance last week.

Cher Unveils New Fountains Of Bellagio Show Choreographed To Her Song ‘Believe’ Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

It was not a bad week at all on the Wager Wire last week, as our squad of degenerate gamblers actually made money for the week, powered by Cody who came through on a +650 call of the Sabres taking a two-goal win.

And then, at the other end, there are the brothers LeBlanc, who are showing why you should never take them with you to a casino.

The first week with a banker’s bonus paid off with Andrei Svechnikov finding the net against the Canadiens last week, so each of our bettors gets a free $10 bet to spend on either the Predators/Bruins or Capitals/Sabres game. This week, the banker is getting a bit more stingy, looking to not pay out quite as much this week, as you’ll see in just a moment.

First, though, the table after last week’s selections:

The Wager Wire Bank

Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Brian -$25.00 -$17.23
Zeke -$60.00 $126.85
Kevin -$33.00 $139.67
Cody -$50.00 $61.88
Andrew -$15.00 $122.10
Jake -$20.00 $4.71

And now, onto this week! (Editor’s note: the odds for Saturday were very late in being released, so these are incomplete for many bets that involve Saturday games. They will be updated as they become available, but no bets for a particular game will be recorded following the start of that game.)

Banker’s Bonus!

The banker wants to commemorate Whalers Night on Sunday with an 80s-throwback challenge this week. If either the Hurricanes or Bruins hit the six-goal mark on Sunday, the banker will offer a free $10 three-team parlay in next week’s Wager Wire.

This Week’s Bets


  • Penguins to beat Hurricanes by two goals: I have a reeeally bad feeling about this game. +800 odds, $5 pays $40.
  • Parlay: Canadiens, Sharks -1.5, Avalanche -1.5, Jets. The Habs are on a roll, the Sharks and Avs should have no problem with the bottom-feeders that are the Kings and Coyotes, and Vancouver is pesky but I think the Jets should have enough to take a win in Saturday’s nightcap. Plus, it pays well and I don’t have to risk a ton of money, which is always nice when you’re deep in a hole. $5 pays $122.58.
  • Free bet: Predators/Bruins under 6.5 goals seems like easy money, which means it won’t be, but when you’re playing with someone else’s money it doesn’t much matter, so let’s do it. -175 odds, $10 pays $6.06.


  • Senators to beat Devils by two goals: Absolutely 100 percent trying to get some big bucks this week. $5 at +1000 yields $50. The Sens should win this game despite being the underdogs, but at NJ, it should be close. They’ll be up by a goal with a few minutes to play, then score the empty-netter. +1000 odds, $5 pays $50.


  • Avalanche to beat Blackhawks by one goal: The Avs will get a few lucky bounces, Chicago will score late to get it to within one, but won’t be able to complete the comeback. +575 odds, $10 pays $57.50.
  • Hurricanes to beat Penguins by 3+ goals: I see a massive victory over a divisional rival with a large rowdy Christmas crowd at PNC Arena. +350 odds, $10 pays $35.
  • Free bet: Going for it again... Sabres win by 2 goals. Come on, Mr. Skinner! +1000 odds, $10 pays $100.


  • Hurricanes to win -1.5 goals: +235 odds, $10 pays $23.50.
  • Parlay: Devils -1.5 over Senators and Avalanche -1.5 over Blackhawks. I’m the only one that’s been in the positive both weeks, so I have to try a bet to get me back down to the rest of your level. $10 pays $41.25.
  • Free bet: I’ll take Caps/Sabres both teams to score in the first period. Jeff Skinner vs. Alex Ovechkin, both offenses are hot and will strike early. +165 odds, $10 pays $16.50.


  • Hurricanes and Penguins both teams to score in first period: +165 odds, $10 pays $16.50.
  • Parlay: Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs to win. $10 pays $16.30.
  • Free bet: Sabres/Capitals under 6.5 goals. -120 odds, $10 pays $8.33.

Andrew S

  • Penguins to win -1.5: +255 odds, $10 pays $22.50.
  • Free bet: Sabres to win. +165 odds, $10 pays $16.50.