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An Update to the SB Nation and Canes Country Community Guidelines

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Jamie Kellner

SB Nation recently updated their community guidelines, which gives us a good opportunity to bring your attention to the new guidelines and remind folks of their responsibilities as a part of our community.

So, first things first: here are the new SB Nation global community guidelines. Go give them a read, and while you’re there, please also review the Canes Country community guidelines, which specifically outline the rules for the time you spend on our site. By continuing to comment on Canes Country, you agree to abide by both sets of guidelines.

Also while you’re there, please make a note of our email address: It’s an important method for communicating with the editors who run this site.

Take your time; we’ll wait for you to get back.

OK, so you’re back now. We want to bring your attention to a few things that we’ve had to deal with recently, and remind you that first and foremost, this community depends on all members being treated with courtesy and respect and that should form the basis for the choices you make when you decide to participate here.

  • You can’t have multiple accounts or register an account with a bogus email address. It’s not allowed per the SBN community guidelines, and we will ask you to pick one to keep and delete the others. If you have issues or circumstances that affect your account, email us and we will help guide you through with an appropriate action.
  • If a comment is deleted, all trailing replies to that comment are also deleted. We don’t have a way around that, and we don’t have a moderator edit function (believe me, we’ve asked), so deleting comments is our only recourse when a comment doesn’t meet the guidelines. If your comment replied to one that was deleted, we’re not passing judgment on your reply; we simply have no other option.
  • If you find yourself posting the same thing over and over and over again, in every comment section, without regard to the topic of the article you’re commenting on, that’s a form of spamming and trolling. Say your piece when it’s relevant, and move on. Don’t post the same thing (or variations on a theme) everywhere; we get it, and once it gets disruptive, we’ll start deleting comments. Posting the same thing everywhere sucks all the oxygen out of the comments, and it accomplishes nothing. Don’t do it.
  • You’re entitled to your opinion. So are other people. “I don’t agree with you and here’s why” is fine. “Your an idiot,” in addition to being offensively bad grammar, isn’t. If you’re passing judgment on another commenter as a person, rather than passing judgment on their opinion, we’ll delete it.
  • The comments are not the place to complain about moderating. Seriously. We mean this. If you have something to tell us, either about an action we did or did not take, email us at A lot goes into moderation that isn’t public, and that’s because we don’t want to air dirty laundry in public; that’s to the benefit of every user on the site. Complaining about moderating in the comments is an auto-delete, and doing it repeatedly will incur an account suspension.
  • Along the same lines, the comments are not the place for vigilante justice. It does way more harm than good in terms of moderating consistency when people who aren’t moderators jump in to police a situation, even when they have good intentions. Instead, flag the comment or send us an email, and we’ll address it.
  • Another thing that you should email us about: any “insider information.” Comments about players’ personal lives, speculation, hearsay and the like are not allowed and will be deleted. If your sister’s cousin’s nephew’s grandmother works at the arena and knows something that you want to report in our comments, email us first.

“Don’t read the comments” is a maxim that has taken hold on the internet. Generally speaking, it works, but in places we know that the comments are sometimes integral to the experience. Canes Country is one of those places. In order to keep them...uh, orderly, we need to moderate them sometimes. It’s not about serving as the fun police. It’s about keeping people wanting to come back to Canes Country over and over again. Ultimately, moderation exists to keep the best interests of the site itself at the forefront, and any decisions that are made will be done with those interests in mind.

Both of us collaborate all the time on moderation. Please don’t assume that we’re acting unilaterally without the other knowing; it’s simply not true. Any moderation that either of us undertake is acting on behalf of the site, and it should not be construed as either one of us trying to impose our own personal view on things.

That should do it. Comments are open if you have a question or need a clarification, but anything else should be emailed. Again, the guidelines are linked in our library, available on every page of the site along the top menu bar.

Thank you kindly, enjoy your time with us, and remember to be excellent to each other.