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The Wager Wire: Taking Punts with the Canes Country Staff

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Come watch us lose fake money by pretending we know anything about hockey!

Colorado Avalanche v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to the Wager Wire! This will be a weekly column in which members of the CC staff make bets (with fake money) on various things in hockey. We will keep track of the winnings - or lack thereof - and we’ll update the table every week. This is true entertainment purposes only; no actual money is involved, and we’re only playing for bragging rights.

The idea for this came from the Roker Riches column at Roker Report, the SBN site covering Sunderland AFC. It’s long been one of my favorite columns, and I’m excited that we’re able to bring it to CC. Thanks to Roker Report’s managing editor Gavin Henderson for allowing us to run with their idea! (And, while I’m at it, ha’way the lads against Accrington Stanley this weekend.) -Brian

How does it work? Every week, we will put a couple of bets down, one involving the Hurricanes and one for anything else in the NHL: a parlay, a single game bet, multiple bets on the same game, whatever catches our punters’ eyes. We will track them all in a spreadsheet and keep up with the winnings.

Everyone begins with an even $100, and we’ll track things from there. All odds come from Bovada and are accurate as of the time the bets are recorded (meaning they may change a bit by the time the article is posted every Friday afternoon). If someone goes into the red, we’ll all laugh at them, but there are no other real consequences.

Want to participate? You’re welcome to do so in the comments, and feel free to update us on how your picks do! (We can’t track them, so all we ask is that you’re honest with how your bets go.)

Here we go with our first week’s bets!


  • Hurricanes to win first period against Ducks: I have no confidence in them winning the actual game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out like they’re shot out of a cannon and are up at the first intermission. +175 odds (3-way moneyline), $10 pays $17.50.
  • Three-team parlay: Oilers to win, Golden Knights to win -1.5 goals, Rangers to cover +1.5 goals. Might as well put some cash on Connor McDavid, I think the Knights should have their way with the Kings and win easily, and I’m hedging a bit on the Rangers but I don’t see them having much trouble beating a Panthers team in disarray. $10 pays $78.14.


  • Ducks first to three goals: Against the Hurricanes, that’s like printing free money right now. +125 odds, $12 pays $15.
  • Two bet parlay: Oilers to win over 5.5 goals. When McDavid is playing he could hit the over all by himself. $8 pays $21.


  • Hurricanes to score first vs. Ducks: -115 odds, $11.50 pays $10.


  • CAR/ANA both teams to score in first period: +200 odds, $10 pays $20.
  • Stars vs. Sharks goes to overtime: +280 odds, $10 pays $28.


  • Ducks first to three goals: The goalie situation doesn’t help the Canes here one bit. +125 odds, $8 pays $10.
  • Blues/Jets over 6.5 goals: Jake Allen can’t handle the Jets. +130 odds, $10 pays $13.

Andrew S

  • Ducks to win: Duh. -105 odds, $10 pays $10.50.
  • Three bet parlay: Penguins, Lightning, Panthers to win. $5 pays $15.16.