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Canes Country Podcast: Is it Time to Trust in Justin?

The one where playoff hockey is within our grasp, and Justin Faulk is the hat trick hero.

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Jamie Kellner

The Carolina Hurricanes have won three straight games and are holding on to the final playoff spot in the East. Where do they go from here?

Here are the things that Brett and Justin discussed this week on the podcast:

  • The Kings traded for Dion Phaneuf in the midst of their blowout loss to the Hurricanes. (0:00)
  • Marcus Kruger and Josh Jooris head to Charlotte, and Patrick Brown makes his triumphant return. (2:30)
  • Elliotte Friedman suggests that Bill Peters could start to have more control over roster moves. (6:50)
  • Justin Faulk got a hat trick?!?! (14:50)
  • Does it make sense to call up one of Charlotte’s hot scorers? (19:30)
  • T-minus two weeks until the trade deadline. (25:00)
  • A big weekend ahead for the Hurricanes. (31:30)
  • Canes playoff odds over/under game. (34:25)

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