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About Last Night: It’s Over, Coach

Bill Peters gave the game away last night by continuing to make questionable decisions.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at New York Rangers Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Hurricanes lost [insert pathetic score here] to the [insert opposing teams name here]. The [opposing teams name] were lifted by a decent performance by their rookie goalie [insert name here] whom the Canes just could not crack. Hurricanes coach Bill Peters made numerous questionable decisions [insert examples] and their goaltender Scott Darling gave up another goal that only he can do [insert #SCNotTop10 clip].

Fill in the blanks however you will. There are entirely too many ways to do that just based off of the 2017-2018 season alone. Ron Francis met his fate for this gong show, and it would be no surprise if Bill Peters met his as well.

Talking Points


You ever meet someone at work and it is beyond obvious they are in over their head for whatever reason? That’s the current situation for the Carolina Hurricanes when it comes to their coaches. Steve Smith and Rod Brind’Amour’s failures are overshadowed thanks to the oddities their head coach has pulled this year. Can you provide examples of these accusations please? Why I’m so happy you asked, because last night was full of them.

Peters claimed before the game that the Canes were still in the playoff hunt and they believed they would get in. So to back that up, he sent out the worst statistical goaltender in the NHL (min. 16 games) to push his team to the promised land.

But, why so harsh you ask? Scott Darling is just having a difficult “transition” year and we should take it easy on him. Does this look like a goalie that is just having a tough time, or one who shouldn’t be in the NHL, never mind making $4 million a year?

So why start him Bill? Why? Your team just gave up its second hat trick in as many games at MSG this year. But yes, we’ll still get in, right?...

But you need more proof, do you? Don’t worry. Here is a quote before the game regarding the handling of Valentin Zykov before last night’s game.

“Not tonight coming off a win”. So when, Bill? After your team is mathematically eliminated? Your team cannot score! You have the AHL’s leading scorer, and you say Joakim Nordstrom is better? Alex Nedeljkovic is putting pucks in nets faster than Nordstrom is! While Zykov may very well be a reincarnation of Alex Semin’s last years, he may also be the next Alex Ovechkin. How will we ever know if Peters won’t play him?

But who can really expect anything else from a guy who insists on putting Jeff Skinner on a line with Derek Ryan, Phil Di Giuseppe and others.

Bill Peters is a disappointment to say the least. He was promising at one point but the longer he stands behind the Hurricanes bench the worse the team gets. Tom Dundon has gone on record supporting Peters and that may be more of a disappointment than the STM renewal packages.

More on Bill

This whole season has been defined by questionable coaching decisions. From the very beginning he advocated for a captain, despite Francis saying the team didn’t need one, so the solution by Peters was to name two. This was the first huge warning flag on the year, magnified when the C did not go to either Jeff Skinner or Justin Williams. Rewarding unmotivated players with leadership qualities is just as great as rewarding your hardest working, least skilled, players with top six minutes.

He pulled Darling with just under three minutes to go last night. What was that?? Then he will surely have some excuse in his pre-game interview tonight saying how good the team played and that “the effort was there”. So, if the effort is there for four years and your team still isn't making the playoffs, what does that say about your evaluation of effort?

As happy as many were the day Francis fired Kirk Muller and brought Peters in as the under the radar up and comer, after four years most will be just as happy to see him move on to somewhere else. We want to win in Carolina and I’m just as confident in saying he is not the man to lead the Hurricanes to the promised land as I am about saying Stormy will dump Caroline before the end of next season and she will never be heard from again.


Just felt the need to give a quick shout out to Victor Rask and Lee Stempniak for showing up last night and actually producing points like they get paid to. Much love fam. Hey, at least the team did manage to get to three goals, which is what we ask of them under Peters, right?


The boys have officially mailed the year in as normal for this time of the year in Carolina. Must be nice to have a new owner they can play 18 with all summer long. A trip to Pinehurst for a “bonding” experience should be in order before 2018-2019 kicks off. In that bonding time one can only hope Tom Dundon lights a Texas sized fire underneath some of these players or makes it well known they can get lost if they won’t show up to compete.

The last time the Hurricanes changed their GM and coach it ultimately did them no good. One tree has already fallen and hopefully the other will soon enough. The new saplings that are brought in to replace the old rotten wood will hopefully be of the fiery nature, and they can light a spark in just the right spot. If not, then the whole forest needs to be burned down and replanted. #Playoffs2019herewecome

Moral of the Story

While coaches do not make the plays, they do call them and make decisions that can alter the outcome of games. Our current set of coaches have failed for four years to take this team to the next level and it is yet again time to clean house. Ron Francis already paid the price for Bill Peters’ inexcusable actions behind the bench, and only time will tell if Peters will have to face the guillotine too.

The combination of Peters and Scott Darling once again cost the Canes a must win game and if there was any slight glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel it is gone now. Tonight will likely be another slaughter match unless Cam Ward stands on his head. So buckle up folks, the ride is only going to get bumpier from here until next October.