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Storm Advisory 3/14/18: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

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Wine, fraud and Zykov.

Jamie Kellner

Happy Pi(e) Day! Apple remains the best kind of pie. Math stinks. Moving on...

Reading Assignments

  • Before you do anythng else, you have got to watch Mark Armstrong’s one-minute recap of last night’s implosion:
  • Well, that’s one name off the market in the search for the next Carolina Hurricanes general manager:
  • The guys over at Puck Junk got their hands on Wardo’s wine for a little bit of tasting. [Puck Junk]
  • Because of course he does. Experience Canes hockey:
  • Another Hurricanes loss...another step closer to Rasmus Dahlin? [Sporting News]
  • Uh, this is interesting. Which team would you dub the “Duke University of the NHL?” [ESPN]
  • Andrew Ference will join the NHL as director og social impact. [NHL]
  • A powerful man joins the Seattle Oak View Group: former Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke has left the NFL front office to join with his brother on the Seattle NHL project. [Seattle Times]
  • Phil Kessel has one acronym on his mind for teammate Evgeni Malkin: MVP. [Penguins]
  • A former agent accused of stealing money from Dany Heatley and Chris Phillips has died. [Toronto Star]