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Storm Advisory 3/23/18: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

Valentin Zykov is good at hockey.

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Reading Assignments

  • This is the best news you’ll see all day: Eddie Olczyk, whose brother Ricky is a Canes assistant GM, is cancer free after six months of treatment.
  • Elliotte Friedman’s 31 Thoughts includes a good bit on the Canes GM search, including why his philosophy on what a GM should do differs from most other hockey teams but isn’t unfamiliar in the business world. [Sportsnet]
  • Speaking as someone who was on the twelve-year plan to graduate (NC State class of 2012 in the house), it’s cool to see that a good number NHLers who leave school continue their coursework even in the midst of a fairly demanding career. [Washington Post]
  • First-year #1 goalies, by and large, are surprised by how taxing it is to be The Man. (Hmmm, you don’t say?) [Associated Press]
  • Free agent-to-be Mike Green is done for the season and will have cervical spine surgery in early April. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Hockey players and their weird superstitions, Mattias Ekholm edition. [Predators]