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Storm Advisory 4/14/18: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

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Department of Player Safety brings the hammer, Ken Hitchcock retires and the Canes’ Swedes stay home.

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • There will be no Canes players on the Sweden National Team for the World Championships, says Swedish outlet Svenska Ishockeyforbundet.The article translated says Victor Rask for injury reasons, Elias Lindholm for contract and Joakim Nordstrom for contract reasons.
  • Just replace Buffalo with “Carolina” and it sounds about right. [The Buffalo News]
  • Ken Hitchcock has retired from coaching. He will now move into an advisor role with the Dallas Stars. [Defending Big D]
  • The NHL lost what little personality it had left with Hitchcock’s retirement. [USA Today]
  • Here is how to catch some of Saturday’s playoff games:
  • The stardom of Patrik Laine is bursting to new heights. [ESPN]
  • We have been graced with some of the worst playoff beards. [Golf Digest]
  • The Department of Player Safety just can’t get it right. [NBC Sports]
  • But then pretty much everyone agrees that the DoPS gave Nazem Kadri what he deserved. [Puck Daddy]