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About Last Season: Elias Lindholm Performance Review and Grade

The former 5th overall pick seems to have found his level, but it may not be where his draft position suggested it would be.

Jamie Kellner

Elias Lindholm: 2017-18 By The Numbers

  • Age: 23
  • NHL Seasons: 5
  • Games Played: 81
  • Scoring: 16g—28a—44 points
  • Ice Time: 17:53 all situations, 13:55 ES, 2:37 PP, 1:20 PK
  • 5 on 5 Stats: 53.3% CF, 52.63% GF
  • Contract Status: RFA. Completed second year of a 2 year contract with $2,700,00 AAV.

Making The Grade

Entering the season many thought Elias Lindholm would take a large step forward. After underperforming for his first four seasons in the NHL, year five would be the breakout. Shredding his old #16 for an attempt to resurrect the #28 that needed a deep cleansing after the previous owner, Lindholm came out and had a solid start to the year. Unfortunately, just like many others on the team, he faded when the Carolina Hurricanes needed him most down the stretch.

Through the February 10th game against Colorado, Lindholm had put up 32 points and was on pace for a career high season in all offensive categories. But as the team started to slide, so did Lindholm. He went 28 games in a row without a goal until the season finale against Tampa and was a -4 during that time.

Over the course of the year Lindholm was once again tried at center numerous times, but he played much more time in the middle once Marcus Kruger was sent down to Charlotte. Winning 54.5% of his faceoffs, he was the go to option for Bill Peters when he needed a a right handed player on the draw. Along with being inserted on draws, you could always expect to find him on the PK where you can say he has grown the most over his career. A defensive stalwart on a once very highly rated PK unit two years ago, Lindholm is a defensive anchor and makes up for his lack of offense with good defense.

Overall, it was another decent-but-not-great year for Elias Lindholm, one that leaves you wanting a lot more from him but one we have come to expect. In a contract year he has proven one thing: he is a Swiss army knife by trade, killing penalties, playing on the power play, and taking big faceoffs late in games. But one has to wonder if this is really the production a team should be getting from a 5th overall pick five years in to his career?

He will likely return on a similar contract and has a good chance to be the 2nd or 3rd center behind Jordan Staal and potentially Martin Necas. On the flip side, both Lindholm and Victor Rask are two guys that are easy to highlight that a new GM may want to get rid of and bring in fresh blood. Lindholm is easily replaced by a quality right handed winger but the one thing that may keep him around is his versatility. The big question for Tom Dundon and the new GM will be, is that versatility enough or can someone else come in and do the same thing but with more compete level?

Exit Interview


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