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Storm Advisory 4/30/18: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

The Canes’ GM carousel continues to spin, Scott Darling is joined by a friend at Worlds, and the Checkers have another date with a Pennsylvania team in the second round.

Derek Ryan, American.
Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Lots of Twitter stuff today. First, some #insiderr banter about the Canes’ GM position:
  • We knew that Scott Darling was headed to the World Championships, but he’ll be joined by a teammate. [Hurricanes]
  • So what happened inside the lottery room where the Canes beat the odds to get the second pick? [Sportsnet]
  • The First Fan weighs in on the Canes’ good fortune:
  • A couple of notes from Canes of years gone by. First, say hello to Jay Harrison, Hall of Famer:
  • And excuse the typo, but if you had Keith Aucoin’s career stretching to the outskirts of Jagrland, collect your winnings:
  • Meanwhile, the Checkers know who they will face in the Calder Cup second round: