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Canes Country’s 2018 Playoff Pick ‘Em Challenge: Third Round

It’s time to get your picks in for the conference final series, and chances are you still have a shot at winning the challenge.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs have gone largely to form so far. Three of the four top seeds have advanced to the conference final, the first time since 2011 that three division champions have made it to the third round. Nashville’s loss on Thursday prevented four division champions from making it to this point for the first time since the NHL went to four divisions in the 1974-75 season.

And partly because the playoffs have largely been as expected - if you’ve picked chalk, chances are you’re in the top half of the leaderboard - the standings for the CC Playoff Pick ‘Em are bunched up very tightly. Here are the results of the second round and how things look at the moment:

So, onto the third round, then. A refresher on the rules:

  • Make a selection for each third round series in the comments of this post: who wins, and in how many games.
  • In the third round, you’ll get four points for each winning team you correctly pick. If you pick both the correct team and the correct series length, you’ll also get five bonus points.
  • You will have until the start of Game 1 of each series to pick the winner of that series. For the Lightning/Capitals series, that is Friday, May 11 at 8:00 p.m. Any picks of either Tampa or Washington after that time will not be counted. For the Western Conference final, it’s Saturday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m., at which time the comments will close.
  • If you picked Nashville prior to their loss in Game 7, your pick will be discarded and you will need to comment again to enter a pick of either Vegas or Winnipeg.

Here are the series for you to pick:

Eastern Conference Final: (A1) Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (M1) Washington Capitals
Western Conference Final: (C2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (P1) Vegas Golden Knights

The CC staff picks are below. Good luck!

CC Staff Picks: Round 3

Series Brian Jamie Zeke Brett Andrew S Andy Justin Cody Antoine Kevin Jake Ford Andrew A
Series Brian Jamie Zeke Brett Andrew S Andy Justin Cody Antoine Kevin Jake Ford Andrew A
(A2) Bruins vs. (WC1) Hurricanes Bruins in 6 ABSTAIN in ABSTAIN Hurricanes in 6 Hurricanes in 6 Hurricanes in 6 Hurricanes in 7 Bruins in 6 Hurricanes in 6 Bruins in 6 Hurricanes in 7 Bruins in 6 Bruins in 6
(P2) Sharks vs. (C3) Blues Blues in 7 Sharks in 6 Sharks in 7 Blues in 6 Blues in 6 Blues in 5 Sharks in 7 Blues in 7 Blues in 6 Sharks in 5 Sharks in 5 Blues in 6