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Carolina Hurricanes Reveal New-Look Third Jersey

There are some significant differences from the previous thirds, but take warning: the black uniforms are back.

Jamie Kellner

An hour before the Carolina Hurricanes welcome the newest member of their team, they introduced their newest look.

The Canes unveiled their long-awaited third jersey on Friday night at the 2018 NHL Draft party at the Raleigh Beer Garden, and while they are still black and look somewhat familiar, there are some significant differences from the much-loved black uniforms that were consigned to history following the 2016-17 season.

Features of the new uniform include a main logo that is a correct hurricane warning flag, in contrast to the previous version that only had one flag and was technically a tropical storm warning flag. Between the two flags is a negative-space outline of the state of North Carolina, and in another nod to the Canes’ home state, the left shoulder will feature a ghosted North Carolina state flag.

The stripes on the new uniform are solid red, and there are two stripes on each arm in addition to a red stripe at the bottom of the jersey under the flags. The numbering and the lettering on the back of the jersey will be identical to those seen on the current home and away jerseys.

The release from the team is below, as well as a photo gallery of shots from Jamie at the draft party.


Black uniforms feature new secondary ‘Take Warning’ logo

The Carolina Hurricanes today unveiled the team’s new alternate uniform for the 2018-19 season. The mostly-black jersey, created in partnership with adidas, will be available to preorder at the Hurricanes draft party on Friday night.

“We’re excited to introduce our new third jersey for the upcoming season,” said Hurricanes President and General Manager Don Waddell. “We wanted to modernize our old alternate uniform while incorporating a sense of regional pride, and we feel we’ve done that with this design.”

The jersey was influenced by the one previously worn by Carolina from 2008-17 and showcases a two-flag hurricane warning logo that contains the outline of the state of North Carolina between the two flags. The storm-gray shoulders of the uniform feature the Hurricanes’ primary logo on the right side and the state flag of North Carolina on the left side, both in tonal gray. The arms, base and socks of the uniform feature heathered red stripes, while the inner neckline of the jersey features a hidden tonal warning flag pattern. The numbers and lettering are white and utilize the same font as the Hurricanes’ current home and road uniforms.

The Carolina Hurricanes adidas adizero Authentic Pro NHL Storm Warning jersey and the will be available online at,, adidas.CA and The Eye at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC.