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Storm Advisory 7/3/2018: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

James Neal cashes in, the Erik Karlsson trade gears start turning, and the Hurricanes sign a defenseman.

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NHL: Florida Panthers at Ottawa Senators Marc Desrosiers / Agence QMI

Your Semi-Regular Rules Reminder

Before we get to the links: we’re heading into that part of the season where everything slows down. With that in mind, the comments tend to get heated simply because there’s nothing else to do other than argue on the internet, but we have rules about that sort of thing that we will enforce.

First: reacquaint yourself with the community guidelines. They’re up there at the top, under the Library dropdown. If you participate here, you agreed to follow them, so you’d might as well know what they say.

Second: opinions aren’t right or wrong. You have the right to your opinion, and you also have the right to not have someone else dump all over it. Disagreement is fine, but making the same point over and over again isn’t disagreement; it’s comment spam, and it will be dealt with.

And in the same vein, we know you’re probably frosty about having missed the playoffs for nine years running, but that’s not a license to constantly dump on anyone you disagree with and offer little or nothing beyond that. Basically, Wheaton’s Law applies here.

Third: anything non-public about a player off the ice is off limits in our comments. Just because hockey players signed up for a career in the public eye doesn’t mean their private lives are fodder for discussion. This is non-negotiable.

Finally, this isn’t in a list of rules per se but it’s just courteous behavior: please don’t treat the comments like your own personal chat room. If you find yourself responding to the same user over and over and over again, consider that not everyone wants to read your conversation and other people might want to get a word in edgewise. Take a deep breath, pull up some smooth jazz on Spotify, go on a walk, do something other than spam the comments by posting the same thing (or variations on a theme) repeatedly. If you decide to continue spamming the comments regardless, we’ll deal with it.

And as a corollary: you don’t have to over-make your point. If you find yourself saying the same thing to the same one or two people all the time, chances are you aren’t going to change their mind and they won’t change yours, so do everyone else a favor and move on.

We haven’t done much beyond hiding comments up to now, but that doesn’t seem to have gotten the point across. The next steps are warnings from the site, and after that a seat in the penalty box for a few days. It’s your choice whether it gets to that point or not.

Thanks y’all. Enjoy your summer. Be good to each other. - Brian and Jamie

Reading Assignments

  • From our friends who cover the Isles and their takeaways on John Tavares leaving. “Tavares Encyclopedia Epilogue: What I Learned From Two Years in Limbo.” [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Jack Johnson and Jim Rutherford threw some shade at the Columbus Blue Jackets. John Tortorella pulled out a Howitzer to respond. This is as must-read as it gets. [The Athletic ($)]
  • The Senators have granted teams permission to talk contract extension with Karlsson as the precursor to a possible trade. [Sportsnet]
  • The Canes signed defenseman Dan Renouf to a one-year deal. He will likely spend most of the season in Charlotte. [Hurricanes]
  • Petr Mrazek wanted a one-year deal to prove himself, and the Hurricanes were happy to oblige. [News & Observer]
  • The Sharks sign Joe Thornton to a one-year deal. [Fear The Fin]
  • Nazem Kadri talks John Tavares’ fit in lineup, Leafs’ ability to contend for Stanley Cup. [Sportsnet]