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Storm Advisory 8/3/2018: Jeff Skinner trade reaction and more NHL News

It appears there’s big news in the dead of the offseason.

Kitchener Rangers v London Knights

Welp, folks, just another day in August. In this slow a time, might as well sit down and check the newspaper...

Wait, what’s this???

Yes, in case you fell asleep at 6:30 p.m. sharp last night (sorry to our 3-year-old readers), Jeff Skinner was shipped to Buffalo on Thursday in exchange for Cliff Pu and three draft picks.

Hockey fans everywhere but Raleigh:

With that, it’s time to play: Good Trade? Or Bad Trade?

  • First up, ESPN[$]: Bad trade
  • Next, TSN: Bad trade
  • Followed by NBCSports: Bad...OK, this isn’t fun anymore

Wait, found a “good trade for both side(s)” guy!

In all sincerity, this is one of the biggest moves for the Hurricanes in recent history, with the face of a franchise — albeit a frequently struggling one — on the move.

  • Luke DeCock wrote a piece attempting to track the progression from an energetic, hopeful face of the franchise to a short-term rental trade without playoff experience [N&O]
  • This report from Buffalo begins with the lead: “Jason Botterill is a savage.” [Buffalo News]
  • And the same site rounded up some Twitter takes, including those of Canes fans. [Buffalo News]
  • The Hurricanes official Twitter nearly got ratio-ed on the announcement of the trade.

There are sure to be a ton of thinkpieces and analyses on the topic today, so keep an eye out.

Anyways, moving on to other hockey news...

  • Dylan Larkin...”expects” to have a contract before training camp (is this actually news?) [NHL]
  • William Nylander wants a long-term deal (well, duh) [TSN]
  • Okay, this is boring. Let’s see what’s up with Bill Peters’ Flames. Surely, they’re posting some good content.

OK, yep, it’s still August...