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Storm Advisory 8/4/18: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

Jeff Skinner, Jack Drury, Cap Friendly, and more Skinner.. Enjoy the hockey #content while we still have it!

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Jamie Kellner

Thanks to the Jeff Skinner trade the hockey world is still buzzing. That means we actually have things to present to you without having to take a ride on the #content struggle bus. Enjoy it while you can; by the middle of next week we will be right back on the road to Nocontentville, with stops in Weneed Stories and Nothing Newhere.

Reading Assignments

  • Get Jeff Skinner’s take on the trade as he speaks to the media for the first time. [Sabres (audio)]
  • Skinner then talks about his feelings regarding leaving Raleigh and the Hurricanes. [ABC 11]
  • Tom Dundon on the trade: “It had to be done.” [News & Observer]
  • Dundon also visited Adam and Joe to speak about his side of the Skinner deal. [WRAL Sports (audio)]
  • Within that interview Dundon mentions this, which means a certain defenseman may be staying put:
  • The Web’s Michael Smith breaks down the Skinner trade here. [Hurricanes]
  • And as a friendly reminder in case you needed any more salt poured into the wound:
  • In other non-Skinner news, take a look at how Cap Friendly is now a indispensable resource for NHL fans. [The Athletic $]
  • Eddie Olczyk, who has been cancer free since March, is getting back to a normal life. [NHL]
  • Lastly, Hurricanes prospect Jack Drury scored the game winning goal for Team USA at the World Junior Summer Showcase: