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Storm Advisory 8/6/18: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

NHL writers are giving us attention, you guys. Plus, Sebastian Aho goes golfing for a good cause.

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Jamie Kellner

You want the good news or the sad news first?

OK, you asked for it. Here’s the sad news:


We’re all in this together, fam.

And now, onto your

Reading Assignments

The Hurricanes’ fantasy preview

Three questions facing Carolina

Key statistics for the Hurricanes

Top prospects in Carolina

  • Also, Michael Smith hooks us up with the latest Hurricanes Tweetmail session [NHL]
  • Seabass went to a charity golf event over the weekend...
  • ...but also had a little fun scoring and dabbing on the ice.

...and in case you were wondering what his golf swing looks like:

Fun time at @topgolfnashville #teambonding

A post shared by Sebastian Aho (@ssebastianaho) on

  • A couple of translations from Katariina, from an article at Ilta-Sanomat about the golf event: “I don’t have any comments on contract negotiations, I only train hard”, says Sebastian. About golf: “This is nice and not too serious even though it gets into my nerves from time to time” And “This (golf) is a sport that keeps me humble”

Other notes from around the hockey world:

  • Any time I get to plug the Bakersfield Condors, I’m going to do it. Here’s an oral history of a night that went viral [The Athletic] [$]
  • Also from the Athletic, an inside look at Joe Louis Arena as it’s stripped away [The Athletic] [$]