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Carolina Hurricanes Announce 2018 Training Camp Roster and Updated Schedule

Camp begins Thursday with 50 players and an adjusted schedule to work around Hurricane Florence.

Jamie Kellner

The Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday announced their roster for the team’s 2018 training camp, which begins with physicals on Thursday and on-ice sessions on Friday. Due to the anticipated effects of Hurricane Florence, which is expected to impact the Triangle beginning Thursday night, the on-ice sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be closed to the public. As of now, the sessions on Monday at 8:45 and 10:45 will be open to the public, but that could change as the weather dictates.

UPDATE 9/12/18 6:30 pm: The Hurricanes have announced a change to the training camp schedule. In anticipation of the most severe weather hitting the Triangle on Friday and Saturday, the team has received permission from the NHL to start camp on Thursday afternoon, and will forego one of either the Friday or Saturday practice sessions depending on weather circumstances. The two groups will take the ice at 2:45 pm and 4:00 pm on Thursday.

Fifty players will join the Hurricanes’ 2018 camp, all of whom are under contract to the team except for Josiah Didier, who is on an AHL contract with the Charlotte Checkers, and Michal Cajkovsky, who is in camp on a professional tryout agreement. Thirteen players who were on the roster of the Hurricanes team that finished in sixth place at the Traverse City prospect tournament have been invited to camp. The camp roster also includes eleven players new to the Hurricanes organization who joined via free agency or trade over the summer.

The roster for the camp is listed below, and the updated training camp schedule and training camp groups have been released as well.

Carolina Hurricanes 2018 Training Camp Roster

Number Player Position Acquired 17-18 Team League
Number Player Position Acquired 17-18 Team League
4 FLEURY, Haydn D Draft ’14 (1-7-1) Carolina/Charlotte NHL/AHL
7 Di GIUSEPPE, Phil LW Draft ’12 (1-38-2) Carolina/Charlotte NHL/AHL
8 MAENALANEN, Saku C/RW Free Agent (5/18) Karpat Finland
11 STAAL, Jordan C Trade w/ PIT (6/12) Carolina NHL
13 FOEGELE, Warren LW Draft ’14 (3-67-3) Carolina/Charlotte NHL/AHL
14 WILLIAMS, Justin RW Free Agent (7/17) Carolina NHL
15 SAARELA, Aleksi C Trade w/ NYR (2/16) Charlotte AHL
19 HAMILTON, Dougie D Trade w/ CGY (6/18) Calgary NHL
20 AHO, Sebastian RW Draft ’15 (2-35-2) Carolina NHL
21 GAUTHIER, Julien RW Draft ’16 (2-21-1) Charlotte AHL
22 PESCE, Brett D Draft ’13 (2-66-3) Carolina NHL
23 McGINN, Brock LW Draft. ’12 (2-47-2) Carolina NHL
24 BEAN, Jake D Draft ’16 (1-13-1) Calgary/Tri-City WHL
26 FORA, Michael D Free Agent (6/18) Ambri Swiss
27 FAULK, Justin D Draft ’10 (2-37-2) Carolina NHL
29 POTURALSKI, Andrew RW Free Agent (3/16) Charlotte AHL
36 BROWN, Patrick C Free Agent (4/14) Charlotte AHL
37 SVECHNIKOV, Andrei RW Draft ’18 (1-2-1) Barrie OHL
38 WESLEY, Josh D Draft ’14 (4-96-4) Charlotte/Florida AHL/ECHL
42 McKEGG, Greg C Trade w/ PIT (2/18) Pittsburgh/WBS/Charlotte NHL/AHL
44 de HAAN, Calvin D Free Agent (7/18) NY Islanders NHL
45 GEEKIE, Morgan C Draft ’17 (4-67-3) Tri-City WHL
46 CARRICK, Trevor D Draft ’12 (5-115-4) Charlotte AHL
48 MARTINOOK, Jordan LW Trade w/ARI (5/18) Arizona NHL
49 RASK, Victor C Draft ’11 (2-42-2) Carolina NHL
51 MATTHEOS, Stelio RW Draft ’17 (6-73-3) Brandon WHL
52 HENMAN, Luke C Draft ’18 (3-96-4) Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL
55 McKEOWN, Roland D Trade w/ LA (2/15) Carolina/Charlotte NHL/AHL
57 van RIEMSDYK, Trevor D Trade w VGK (6/17) Carolina NHL
58 ROY, Nicolas C Draft ’15 (4-96-4) Charlotte AHL
59 KUOKKANEN, Janne LW/C Draft ’16 (3-43-2) Carolina/Charlotte NHL/AHL
61 PU, Cliff RW Trade w/ BUF (8/18) London/Kingston OHL
62 DE JONG, Brendan D Draft ’17 (7-166-6) Portland WHL
64 BISHOP, Clark C Draft ’14 (6-127-5) Charlotte AHL
65 DIDIER, Josiah D AHL Free Agent Charlotte/Florida AHL/ECHL
71 WALLMARK, Lucas C Draft ’14 (5-97-4) Carolina/Charlotte NHL/AHL
73 ZYKOV, Valentin RW Trade w/ LA (2/16) Carolina/Charlotte NHL/AHL
74 SLAVIN, Jaccob D Draft ’12 (6-120-4) Carolina NHL
75 SMALLMAN, Spencer RW Draft ‘15 (6-138-5) Florida ECHL
76 RENOUF, Daniel D Free Agent (7/18) Grand Rapids AHL
78 LORENTZ, Steven C/LW Draft ’15 (9-186-7) Charlotte/Florida AHL/ECHL
79 FERLAND, Micheal LW Trade w/ CGY (6/18) Calgary NHL
84 CAJKOVSKY, Michal D PTO ’18 Yekaterinburg KHL
86 TERAVAINEN, Teuvo C Trade w/ CHI (6/16) Carolina NHL
88 NECAS, Martin C Draft ’17 (1-12-1) Carolina/Brno NHL/Czech
33 DARLING, Scott G Trade w/ CHI (4/17) Carolina NHL
34 MRAZEK, Petr G Free Agent (7/18) Detroit/Philadelphia NHL
35 NEDELJKOVIC, Alex G Draft ’14 (2-37-2) Charlotte AHL
50 HELVIG, Jeremy G Draft ’16 (8-134-5) Kingston OHL
70 BOOTH, Callum G Draft ’15 (3-93-4) Charlotte AHL