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Storm Advisory 1/12/19: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

More on Skinner’s homecoming, even great scorers can be prone to temper tantrums, and player tracking technology is coming.

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Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments:

  • The black jersey magic strikes again and the Canes picked up another win, this time with Jeff Skinner back in town.

With another great storm surge!

  • Every sports site/team does bold predictions for the season. TSN has not shied away from their takes and revisits their preseason takes at the halfway point. [TSN]
  • In the final minute of the Avalanche loss to the Flames, Nathan McKinnon yelled on the bench. Days later, he now calls his reaction unacceptable. [NHL]
  • It appears that the Sergei Bobrovsky saga was not a major deal, he is set to return to the team and possibly start tonight. [NHL]
  • Elliotte Friedman has a great in depth write up of what player tracking technology and gambling means for the NHL, with examples of in game betting and what the tech will look like. [Sportsnet]
  • Rick Nash announced his retirement from the NHL yesterday due to concussion symptoms. [ESPN]
  • Down Goes Brown breaks down the issue with players policing the game, and his three comedy stars of the week [$Athletic]