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Storm Advisory 1/17/19: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

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Dez Bryant does hockey, John Scott narrowly avoids death, and lots of Micheal Ferland talk.

2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game - Final Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Reading Assignments

  • Insider Trading talks Bobrovsky, Derick Brassard, the Leafs wanting to add defense, and some mentions of a possible Ferland deal. [TSN]
  • Speaking of Ferland, Friedman’s 31 Thoughts presents us with some specific teams interested in the power forward. [SportsNet]
  • Lastly on Ferland, the Hurricanes have a pressing issue to decide on with his contract. [NSJ]
  • Here is your chance to vote for two Hurricanes prospects for the Hobey Baker award. Give Adam Fox or David Cotton your vote! [Hobey Baker]
  • It would seem fairly obvious who number two is on this list:
  • Former All-Star John Scott narrowly escaped death after he fell in to a freezing lake. [The Athletic $]
  • Five candidates Seattle should consider for their front office. [The Athletic $]
  • No World Cup of Hockey in 2020...
  • On that note, the NHL and NHLPA supposedly want long term labor peace, not another lockout. [The Athletic $]
  • The Ducks are getting close to a record they do not want any part of. [Bardown]
  • Dez Bryant does hockey: