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Storm Advisory 1/31/19: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

Trades - both real and rumored, awkward Pierre and a focus on mental health.

Reading Assignments

  • The Hurricanes rank in the middle of the pack in the latest power rankings. [CBS Sports]
  • Looks like those number 79 sweaters are going to be collector’s items rather soon:
  • Another pic from Sebastian Aho’s All-Star experience:
  • It’s not going to be easy for Canadian teams after the All-Star break. [CBC]
  • A look at 13 players that could be moved before the trade deadline. [CBS Sports]
  • Star forwards are becoming more heavily relied on. [CBC]
  • Pierre made things interesting when Kendall Coyne joined the booth last night:
  • Ex-NHL goalie Corey Hirsch says more needs to be done regarding mental health. [Sporting News]
  • Less sometimes means more for defensemen shooting the puck. [ESPN]
  • It wouldn’t be a trade deadline without...uh, Ryan Murphy being dealt: