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The Wager Wire: Week 5

The one where Brian actually wins a bet for once!

NHL: Winter Classic-Boston Bruins at Chicago Blackhawks
Cam Ward couldn’t keep a clean sheet, so no free lunch for our degenerates this week.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Happy new year from the Wager Wire crew, who celebrated the dawn of 2019 by doing largely what they did in 2018: losing fake money in the competition.

Not to say there wasn’t a win or two, because even Brian tallied a win last week with the Capitals scoring first against the Hurricanes on their way to a relatively easy win, but the only other winner was Andrew, whose call of Caps -1.5 came through.

(And yes, the banker’s offer to pay free money in the event of a Cam Ward Winter Classic shutout was indeed a pie-in-the-sky propostion, to the surprise of absolutely no one.)

Andrew was the only person to make any money last week and extends his lead, while for everyone wasn’t pleasant reading.

The Wager Wire Bank

Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Brian -$25.00 -$17.23
Zeke -$60.00 $126.85
Kevin -$33.00 $139.67
Cody -$50.00 $61.88
Andrew -$15.00 $122.10
Jake -$20.00 $4.71

On to this week! Odds are from Bovada and were accurate at the time of entry.

Banker’s Bonus!

The banker wants to celebrate Sebastian Aho’s All-Star Game nod with a challenge this weekend. If Aho posts a three-point night against either the Blue Jackets tonight or the Senators on Sunday, the banker will give everyone a free $10 three-team parlay next week. If Aho gets three points in both games, it will bump to a free $50 three-team parlay!

This Week’s Bets


  • Blue Jackets win in regulation (3-way moneyline): The Hurricanes always seem to have trouble with the Blue Jackets, and on the back end of a back-to-back, with the Jackets waiting in Raleigh already...yeah, I’m not real optimistic. The betting market seems to think that this game has a good shot of going to overtime, but I’m not convinced and a regulation win has some good-looking odds. +125 odds, $10 pays $12.50.
  • Parlay: NSH/DET over 5.5, PIT/WPG both teams to score, Avalanche to win, NJ/ARI under 6.0. C’mon PDG, don’t let me down! The Preds/Wings over scares me just a little bit because the Wings are so godawful at scoring goals, but the others are attainable and God knows I should get one of these parlays to come in eventually. $10 pays $42.97.


  • Canes/CBJ under 5.5 goals: Gonna be a low-scoring affair, folks. +105 odds, $10 pays $10.50.
  • Predators over Red Wings by 2 goals: I’m just here for catfish thrown on the ice. +650 odds, $8 pays $52.


  • Canes to win +1.5: But please get Brock McGinn off of the top line. -280 odds, $10 pays $3.57.
  • Avs/Rangers over 6.5 goals: These defenses don’t deserve nice things. +105 odds, $5 pays $5.25.


  • Blue Jackets to win +1.5: -300 odds, $10 pays $3.33.
  • Preds to win -1.5: +150 odds, $10 pays $15.


  • Blue Jackets to win -1.5: They’ve been high scoring and the Canes are on a back to back. +230 odds, $10 pays $23.
  • Parlay: Jets to win +1.5, Avalanche to win -1.5. The Jets lead their division and should keep it close against the Penguins. Also the Rangers will struggle terribly against the Avs’ top line. Marc Staal and Adam McQuaid against Mikko Rantanen and Nathan MacKinnon? Ouch. $15 pays $33.


Didn’t get his bets in by the deadline, so the banker is fining him $15 so that he doesn’t get an unfair advantage by sitting out while the rest of us flush money down the toilet.