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Storm Advisory 12/16/19: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

Eric Staal reaches a major milestone, the Hurricanes get a day off in Alberta, and Brayden Schenn loses a piece of his ear

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Jamie Kellner

Social Media Roundup

  • The Canes spent their off day in Banff, Alberta. Curling was just one of the activities they took part in:
  • James Reimer has been (checks notes), good at hockey lately:
  • Former Hurricane Eric Staal reached a major milestone hitting 1,000 career points last night:

Reading Assignments

  • A close call for Brayden Schenn costs him a piece of his ear. [STL Today]
  • Drew Doughty explains why we need fighting in the NHL. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Diversify or Die: The NHL has a demography problem. [WSJ]
  • Why can’t the Chicago Blackhawks be fixed? [Chicago Tribune]
  • Just as we see with Jason Shaya, young talent is on the rise in the world of AHL broadcasters. [Citizens Voice]
  • Goalie fight alert! Right here in the Carolinas we had a good ol’ fashioned goalie fight last night. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Does the in-season coaching change really work? [The Athletic $]