A letter to the Canes players

Dear Canes,

First off I want to thank you for the past 20 games. 14-5-1 is such an impressive stat considering that has included 13 games on the road. You guys are fighting for each other, and that hasn't been something we have seen in a while. When one part of the team isn't as sharp another picks it up. It reminds me of the teams that have made noise in the past, and what should be part of our future. I can tell you we as your caniacs are excited for the future, and look forward to even better years to come.

I have been coming to games since greensboro. I have seen the first game, playoff game, all the way up to game 7 where we did what nobody thought was possible. The feeling that comes from remembering that run still gives me chills to this day. But it's not just about game 7, it's about all the playoff games. I've talked to other STH recently. Those who are unfortunate enough to have never seen a playoff game in our barn, but who are still big fans, and they always ask me what was it like. Part of me feels sorry for them, another part of me is angry that they haven't been as lucky as some of us. Then I tell them what it was like.

I tell them about the tailgating to start with. Due to the fact of where the PNC is located this is something that is unique to our NHL team. It's almost like a College Football atmosphere. People arriving hours before the game starts, even on weekdays to enjoy the experience, share food, stories and a few beverages. Then everybody gets inside early. They all want to see the team come out and skate for warm-ups. It was amazing, not only do the players have extra pep in their step but the fans do too. We would cheer when they hit the ice, in between drills, when they came off the ice, it really didn't matter. Anything that happened we would cheer and cheer loudly.

Now you get to just before puck drop. A capacity crowd is loaded into the arena. There are a few opposing fans but nothing like you see in the regular season. The house lights are down, and then Rock you like a Hurricane comes on. You can actually feel the electricity in the air. 19,000 plus yelling and screaming, leaving every thing they have in the stands. The decibel meter passing triple digits with regularity. Nothing I have been a part of since comes close. The crowd goes wild for every hit, sustained pressure, and they go crazy for the goals for the home team. It almost seems unfair for the opposing team.

So I want to make a deal with the team. If you can get us into the playoffs I will guarantee you that we will win you one game per series. We will create such a home ice advantage that the opposing team will cower when they hit the ice. We will make the stands shake, and make our ears ring because we will turn this thing up to eleven. I know it's a stupid thing to ask, because it's not like you don't want to get into the playoffs, but just ask Justin, or Rod, or Jeff. They can tell you what it was like when we made it in. We turn the PNC into a place to be feared. Nashville ain't got nothing on us in the playoffs. Let us take back the loudest house in the NHL title, and show you guys what Raleighwood is really all about. I promise both I and every other Caniac will not let you down.