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Storm Advisory 2/14/19: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

Tweetmail returns, young Finnish stars are taking over the game, and Jason Shaya is on the call this Saturday

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Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Yesterday’s News Today: BTN, checking on the playoff race
  • Tweetmail returns and this week Michael Smith talks odd, rules, and differences. [Hurricanes]
  • Jason Shaya’s 10 Thoughts column in which he reveals he will be calling the Canes game this Saturday night. [Checkers]
  • In case you wanted to partake in some real life Wager Wire activity, you can now bet on whether or not you think Dougie Hamilton will be traded before the deadline. [Bovada]
  • The Mighty Ducks live on:
  • How Elias Pettersson has taken over Vancouver in his rookie year. [ESPN]
  • Willie O’Ree became an ambassador for hockey to include all races. [Washington Post]
  • In the NHL, Finland is now here, there, and everywhere. [NY Times]
  • A historical look at how deadline deals involving first round picks have worked out. [The Athletic $]
  • This picture just makes you laugh:
  • And finally, if you’re in the market for some last-minute advice on how to run things this Valentine’s Day, never fear: some NHL players are helpfully coming to your rescue.