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Storm Advisory 2/24/2019: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

The Mentors continue to be Jerks, Gritty steals the show, and multiple new trades to report.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Reading Assignments

Yesterday’s News Today: McElhinney, Hurricanes shut out the Stars, Week 10 of the Wager Wire.

  • Surge on you Mentors of Jerks, surge on:
  • Linda Cohn is all aboard team #Jerks:
  • We have multiple trades to bring up you up to date on:
  • Gritty stole the show last night at the Stadium Series game:
  • Your biggest trade deadline questions answered. [ESPN]
  • The Duchene (and now Dzingel) trades show Columbus is serious about winning now. [NHL]
  • New innovations allow the NHL to host outdoor games anywhere. [Chicago Tribune]
  • If the NHL is really concerned with player safety, it needs to update its rule book. [Edmonton Journal]
  • The nine biggest deadline day deals in the history of the NHL. [Sports Illustrated]

Stalking the Standings

Thanks to Pittsburgh’s loss and the Canes’ win both teams are tied in the standings with the same amount of games played. Carolina currently holds the second wild card spot because they own the ROW tiebreaker with the Penguins. With Montreal and Washington both losing as well, last night can be considered a great success for Carolina in the standings.

Updated Standings

  • Metro 1: New York Islanders: 61 GP, 79 points, 106 pt pace, 33 ROW
  • Metro 2: Washington Capitals: 62 GP, 75 points, 99 pt pace, 31 ROW
  • Metro 3: Columbus Blue Jackets: 61 GP, 73 points, 98 pt pace, 35 ROW
  • WC 1: Montreal Canadiens: 62 GP, 73 points, 97 pt pace, 31 ROW
  • WC 2: Carolina Hurricanes: 62 GP, 72 points, 95 pt pace, 32 ROW
  • 9th: Pittsburgh Penguins: 62 GP, 72 points, 95 pt pace, 31 ROW
  • 10th: Buffalo Sabres: 61 GP, 66 points, 89 pt pace, 25 ROW
  • 11th: Philadelphia Flyers: 62 GP, 65 points, 86 pt pace, 27 ROW

Rooting Guide for Today: