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Storm Advisory 2/4/19: NHL News, Rumors, Links and Daily Roundup

Elias Lindholm mocks the Canes, a deeper look in to Ovechkin’s unstoppable one-timer, and the importance of patience for a GM.

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Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Yesterday’s News Today: Old friends burn Canes in 4-3 loss to Flames
  • Today’s News Today (12:00 pm): Welcome back Haydn Fleury, who probably knows every rest stop between here and the Queen City. He’s been recalled for the road trip and practiced with the team this morning.
  • ICYMI Elias Lindholm had some interesting antics following Calgary’s win yesterday:
  • Tripp Tracy had some very candid comments in response to Lindholm’s actions:
  • Ex-Canes are having big years but those changes had to be made. [N&O]
  • Surging Flyers could make history if they reach the playoffs. [The Inquirer]
  • A look at how Alex Ovechkin’s famous one-timer became nearly unstoppable. [NHL]
  • The importance of GM patience and the domino effect of deadline moves. [The Athletic $]
  • Oh Gritty:
  • NHL players do not want data to overrule hockey sense. [Las Vegas Review Journal]
  • The NHL in partnership with the Rangers are bringing street hockey to Harlem schools. [NHL]
  • A look at potential NHL Rookie All-Star Teams. [THN]
  • The NHL and Monumental Sports are trying to save the Ft. Dupont Ice Arena. [NBC Sports]