Let's have a little fun...

Okay, Caniacs, let's have a little bit of fun for a moment. This is mostly ~daydreaming~ right now, but who doesn't like a little bit of that every now and then? What I'm about to propose to y'all may seem a little far-fetched, but bear with me. I'm sure you'll like the idea in the end. Feel free to change the little details like games and scorers and whatnot.


Final Series Game 7, Winnipeg @ Carolina, 18:00 in the 3rd

The score is tied 3-3 in the series no one saw coming. Everyone's Stanley Cup playoff predictions have been absolutely shattered this time around. Carolina and Winnipeg have been at each other's throats in one of the most nail-biting series this post-season. There are only two minutes left in the final game of the final series. The next goal, whenever it comes, seals the deal.

Caniacs and Jets fans are on their feet when there's a rush in front of Petr Mrazek on Carolina's end of the ice. Suddenly, Justin Williams almost miraculously breaks out of the sea of bodies with the puck and begins making his way down the ice, Jets players right on his tail. They call him Mr. Game 7...will his nickname prove itself tonight?

All of a sudden, a pair of defensemen manage to block Williams in, preventing him from finding an easy way to the net. Everyone watching holds their breath when Williams sauces the puck toward the boards on his right. In a spot that was empty seconds before, Sebastian Aho catches the puck on his stick and soars around the net. He passes to Nino Niederreiter, who passes back to a now less defended Williams. After a moment or two of tic-tac-toe passing, the puck once more lands on Justin Williams' stick.

Thirty seconds.

Williams pulls his stick back and PNC Arena holds its collective breath once more. Brossoit gets ready to move through his crease the second Williams hits the puck. However, the little black piece of rubber finds itself sailing through the air to Sebastian Aho, who has posted himself up just on the other side of the goalie. The future of the Carolina Hurricanes pulls back, hits the puck the second it reaches him and sends it over Brossoit's hand by mere inches.

Five seconds on the clock.

The puck hits the back of the net.

The goal lights go off.

The ref's arms stretch out.

Raise Up blares over the speakers and the crowd erupts. Fans watching from home leap out of their seats screaming.

Sebastian Aho scored on an assist from Justin Williams. The Carolina Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. There's a new Mr. Game 7 on the rise.

Now, we get to the good part.

The thought of "Where's the Storm Surge?" has passed through the mind of everyone not on the ice since the handshake line. A few people even voiced it aloud to their friends. Those thoughts are silenced however when the Stanley Cup comes out onto the ice. They're all too in awe that the Hurricanes have finally won it again to think about anything else.

That's when Justin Williams, as captain, skates up to the Cup and commissioner. He does the usual. Shakes Gary Bettman's hand. Smiles for a picture. But before he picks up the Cup to take a lap around the rink, he waves to his teammates. They all form a semi-circle facing their captain and trophy.

The skol clap begins, slow at first like always. The team and their fans pick up speed. The clap crescendoes into a roar of yells and applause. Chants of "Go Canes Go!" sound throughout the arena. After the final clap, Justin lifts the Cup and skates to the center logo as his teammates move from the semi-circle to a full circle surrounding him, this time facing the fans and applauding them.

The Storm Surge has reached the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It reached the Finals.

It reached the Cup.