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Storm Advisory 3/11/2019: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

Canes have matched last year’s point total with 13 games to play, Columbus continues to sputter, and Duncan Keith’s workout regiment


Reading Assignments

  • Duncan Keith is no fan of hotel toiletries. [The New York Times]
  • Every NHL team’s point leader [The Hockey News]
  • Do teams want to be profit maximizers or win maximizers? [The Hockey Writers]
  • Joe Thornton for the Masterton? [Mercury News]
  • There is nothing in this world that approaches low minor-league hockey for sheer wackiness.

Stalking the Standings

The Canes took care of business in Colorado which brought them back into third place in the Metro. Also of enormous importance was the result from Long Island, where the Islanders beat the Blue Jackets 2-0. The Canes now hold a four point cushion heading into Friday’s game with Columbus.

  • Metro 1: Washington Capitals: 69 GP, 89 points, 106 pt pace, 37 ROW
  • Metro 2: New York Islanders: 69 GP, 87 points, 103 pt pace, 36 ROW
  • Metro 3: Carolina Hurricanes: 69 GP, 83 points, 99 pt pace, 37 ROW
  • WC 1: Pittsburgh Penguins: 69 GP, 83 points, 99 pt pace, 36 ROW
  • WC 2: Columbus Blue Jackets: 69 GP, 79 points, 94 pt pace, 37 ROW
  • 9th: Montreal Canadiens: 69 GP, 79 points, 94 pt pace, 34 ROW
  • 10th: Philadelphia Flyers: 69 GP, 76 points, 90 pt pace, 32 ROW

With the Canes idle until Friday (when they play the Blue Jackets in Columbus), there are several key games to keep an eye on between now and then. First up are three games Tuesday night with playoff implications.

Tonight’s Rooting Guide

  • Boston over Columbus
  • Detroit over Montreal
  • Washington over Pittsburgh? (just no OT please)