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Storm Advisory 3/13/2019: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

An update on Calvin de Haan, a determination on the Morgan Rielly issue, and Ovechkin hits 1200 points.

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

Stalking The Standings

Nothing went right for the Canes last night as the Blue Jackets, Canadiens, and Penguins all won their respective games. This allowed Pittsburgh to jump back over Carolina in to the third spot in the Metro but the Hurricanes now hold a game in hand. This is all setting up to a massive game on Friday night when the Canes travel to Columbus.

  • Metro 1: Washington Capitals: 70 GP, 89 points, 104 pt pace, 37 ROW
  • Metro 2: New York Islanders: 69 GP, 87 points, 103 pt pace, 36 ROW
  • Metro 3: Pittsburgh Penguins: 70 GP, 85 points, 100 pt pace, 37 ROW
  • WC 1: Carolina Hurricanes, 69 GP, 83 points, 99 pt pace, 37 ROW
  • WC 2: Columbus Blue Jackets: 70 GP, 81 points, 95 pt pace, 38 ROW
  • 9th: Montreal Canadiens: 70 GP, 81 points, 95 pt pace, 35 ROW
  • 10th: Philadelphia Flyers: 69 GP, 76 points, 90 pt pace, 32 ROW

Tonight’s Rooting Guide

Take the night off from all the stress! There are no games on the schedule this evening that will impact the Hurricanes playoff chances. So relax and enjoy the calmness because it is about to get very crazy for the rest of the season.