Hurricanes and Raleigh visit from England

Hey everyone!

A constant lurker and occasional commenter here.

So myself and two buddies are taking a trip across the pond from England to have a small NHL road trip. I've been following the Canes closely since 2007 and this will finally be my first time seeing NHL action in person!

We're flying straight into Raleigh on the 22nd March, staying to watch the games against the Wild and the Habs, then heading to Washington on the 25th to see the Canes game on the road there too before heading to Philly and then Pittsburgh.

So we're going to be in Raleigh for the majority of a long weekend (we'll arrive Friday evening and leave midday Monday) and just wanted to get some suggestions from fellow Canes fans for the best local eateries, bars, and other entertainments for both pre-games and throughout the weekend.

Thanks for any help and suggestions in advance! Lets go Canes!