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The Wager Wire: Week 13

An unlucky number? Maybe, but our crack group of degenerates is hoping that their luck doesn’t run out this week.

The zombie-like resurrection of Cody Hagan continues on the Wager Wire this week, although never fear: there’s another taker threatening the bottom of the barrel.

Brian is only twelve dollars clear of the red figures, and without a win this week he’ll drop into the mire. Which, of course, would be music to the ears of everyone else, especially Zeke and Kevin who are in a two-horse race at the top of the table.

With only three weeks to go, who will pull out the win - and will all of our punters stay above water? Here are our picks for this week. All odds are from Bovada and were accurate at the time the bet was recorded.

The Wager Wire Bank

Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Brian -$25.00 -$17.23
Zeke -$60.00 $126.85
Kevin -$33.00 $139.67
Cody -$50.00 $61.88
Andrew -$15.00 $122.10
Jake -$20.00 $4.71

Banker’s Bonus!

The banker is backing the Hurricanes down the stretch and knows how important special teams can be to a playoff run. With that in mind, if the Canes’ power play outscores the opposition’s power play overall in the next two games, the banker will offer each bettor a free $10 three-team parlay in next week’s column.

This Week’s Bets


  • Canes to win straight up: I don’t have a good feeling about tonight, and the last time I felt this way the Canes lost 8-1. Nevertheless, it’s fake money, so let’s do it. +110 odds, $10 pays $11.
  • Parlay: Maple Leafs/Flyers under 7, Golden Knights -1.5, Rangers/Flames over 6. $10 pays $80.72.


  • Canes to win straight up: +110 odds, $20 pays $22.
  • Parlay: Leafs, Avalanche, Flames to win. $15 pays $29.29.


  • Canes to win straight up: +110 odds, $10 pays $11.
  • Parlay: Canes, Leafs, Avs, Flames. $5 pays $26.74.


  • Canes to win straight up: +110 odds, $25 pays $27.50.
  • Parlay: Leafs -1.5, Flames -1.5. $10 pays $32.95.


  • Canes win by two goals: +850 odds, $10 pays $85.
  • Parlay: Leafs -1.5, Flames -1.5, Canucks -1.5. $10 pays $97.27.


  • Total Canes goals over 2.5: -130 odds, $19.50 pays $15.
  • Parlay: Leafs, Golden Knights, Canucks to win. $10 pays $29.61.
  • A bonus bet, just because: Ducks to win. +190 odds, $10 pays $19.