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Storm Advisory 3/17/2019: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

The Canes go curling, the NHL is bolstering its diversity, and hello Connor McGregor.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Reading Assignments

  • In honor of St. Patrick’s Day the Canes dawned some special pregame jerseys last night:
  • The records keep falling for this team:
  • The NHL is bolstering its diversity efforts, but change is slow. [Star Tribune]
  • The most appreciated ‘under-appreciated’ players in the NHL. [ESPN]
  • David Krejci talks false teeth, playoff format, and Jaromir Jagr. [ESPN]
  • New rules changes are increasing the scoring in the NHL. [Las Vegas Journal]
  • Connor McGregor does hockey. [Sporting News]

Stalking The Standings

The Canes got help in every way imaginable yesterday. Taking care of their own business versus Buffalo was most crucial but elsewhere the league helped the Canes tremendously. Pittsburgh got manhandled 5-1 by St. Louis while the Islanders lot 2-1 to the Red Wings. The Canadiens lost 2-0 to Chicago as well. The Blue Jackets did manage to muster a single point versus Boston losing 2-1 in overtime.

  • Metro 1: Washington Capitals: 72 GP, 91 points, 110 pt pace, 38 ROW
  • Metro 2: New York Islanders: 71 GP, 89 points, 103 pt pace, 37 ROW
  • Metro 3: Pittsburgh Penguins: 72 GP, 87 points, 99 pt pace, 38 ROW
  • WC 1: Carolina Hurricanes: 71 GP, 85 points, 98 pt pace, 38 ROW
  • WC 2: Columbus Blue Jackets: 72 GP, 84 points, 96 pt pace, 39 ROW
  • 9th: Montreal Canadiens: 72 GP, 81 points, 92 pt pace, 35 ROW
  • 10th: Philadelphia Flyers: 71 GP, 76 points, 88 pt pace, 32 ROW

Tonight’s Rooting Guide

  • Wild over Islanders
  • Flyers over Penguins in regulation