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Storm Advisory 3/3/2019: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

The Canes players have well-deserved day off but there’s still plenty of hockey to experience.

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NHLI via Getty Images

After back-to-back wins (one in... wait for it... Mraculous fashion), the Hurricanes players have today off. But you can still get your hockey fix as head coach Rod Brind’Amour and other former players take the ice for the eighth annual Alumni game at PNC Arena. Doors open at 12:30 pm, the game starts at 1:30 pm, admission and parking is FREE (donations are welcome and benefit the Hurricanes Foundation) and you won’t find a more entertaining way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Head here for more details.

Speaking of Brind’Amour, he joined The Drive with Josh Graham last week (preceding the weekend games) to talk bunch of jerks shirts, his relationship with Tom Dundon, and what he doesn’t think he has the cajones to pull off (WSJS Sports Hub, starts 38:20).

Petr Mrazek often shows up in interviews with Czech media, though the translation is not the easiest back into English for ease of reading. Despite that, there’s often plenty to glean, including this recent feature from iDNEZ. A few “loosely translated” gems:

  • Storm Surge logistics! “This is what our young boys or Willie’s kids think. Then, as a captain, he will send information to the group chat on the day of the match. They’re accompanied by videos, such as films or American football, from where to get inspired.”
  • About Don Cherry’s comments: “Nobody’s taking it too seriously, and it’s not really talked about in the locker room. On the contrary, thanks to him, a bunch of jerks [shirts] were created, they are quite popular and I have a couple at home.”
  • On his future: “The organization is content with me. And if it goes on like this, I believe we will agree on further cooperation. If it matters only to me and it will be easy to settle, I would stay. The team is young and in a few years it will be better. With my girlfriend we like it here, so why change it voluntarily?”

We don’t talk about Fan Posts often (perhaps we should). They’re a great way for our readers to start their own discussion outside of our articles, and we’ve had three contributions in the past week, be sure to check them out and join the conversation.

Have you ever wanted to try Sled Hockey? The Hurricanes Sled Hockey Club is holding an open event on March 9 if you’re interested and you can find sign-up details on their Facebook page [Hurricanes Sled Hockey].

Tom Dundon hit the airwaves again to talk Canes and AAF [ABC11] [Rich Eisen Show].

“The bigger the game, the better he plays. I have the utmost confidence in him.” Goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic has the Charlotte Checkers at the top of the standings [].

More on Carey Price’s warm gesture to provide comfort to a young fan whose mother recently passed away from cancer [Montreal Gazette].

After a “rough” reception in his return to Long Island, John Tavares gets some love from his new home team [].

Congratulations to Jarome Iginla, who saw his number 12 raised to the rafters on Saturday in Calgary [].

NHL players weigh in on the best and worst in a 2019 NHL Poll [The Athletic $].

Stalking the Standings

Just keep winning, just keep winning, just keep winning, winning, winning... The Canes remain third in the Metro, now a mere three points behind both the Islanders and Capitals. Pittsburgh’s regulation win over Montreal pulls them back into a wild card spot, while the Blue Jackets loss to the Oilers dropped them below the cut line.

Rooting Guide

  • Winnipeg Jets >>> Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NY Rangers >> Washington Capitals
  • Philadelphia Flyers > NY Islanders