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Storm Advisory 3/7/2019: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

The Canes are hosting a benefit game for Raleigh Police Officer Charles Ainsworth, Tweetmail returns, and an interesting promo by the Capitals

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

Yesterday’s News Today: BTN, Tracking The Playoff Race With A Month To Go

  • The Hurricanes announced yesterday that they will be hosting a benefit game between local police officers and local fire fighters for wounded Raleigh Police Officer Charles Ainsworth and his family on Wednesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. at PNC Arena. Admission is free but they will be accepting cash donations at the door. [Carolina Hurricanes]
  • Tweetmail is back answering your questions regarding sparks, important games, and waiver pick ups. [Carolina Hurricanes]
  • Inside The Storm: The Mentors Trip. [Carolina Hurricanes]
  • The Hurricanes and their fans are building momentum. [NSJ]
  • The Capitals are having an interesting promotion when the Hurricanes visit them later this month:
  • ESPN ranks the top 50 NHL prospects. The Canes have a couple entries on the list. [ESPN+ $]
  • Gary Bettman is adamant that the Senators are not going anywhere despite their arena issues. [TSN]
  • The NHL is participating in a player safety summit with other major hockey associations. [NHL]
  • NHL GM’s are proposing a helmet-less player would be penalized if he doesn’t leave the ice. [SNY]
  • Time to up your Prom-Posal game:
  • The NHL Gaming World Championship is returning:

Stalking The Standings

The only game of impact last night went against Carolina’s favor as the Capitals defeated the Flyers 5-3.

  • Metro 1: Washington Capitals: 67 GP, 85 points, 104 pt pace, 35 ROW
  • Metro 2: New York Islanders: 66 GP, 83 points, 103 pt pace, 34 ROW
  • Metro 3: Carolina Hurricanes: 66 GP, 79 points, 98 pt pace, 35 ROW
  • WC 1: Pittsburgh Penguins: 66 GP, 79 points, 98 pt pace, 34 ROW
  • WC 2: Montreal Canadiens: 67 GP, 79 points, 97 pt pace, 34 ROW
  • 9th: Columbus Blue Jackets: 66 GP, 77 points, 96 pt pace, 36 ROW
  • 10th: Philadelphia Flyers: 67 GP, 72 points, 88 pt pace, 30 ROW

Tonight’s Rooting Guide

  • Penguins vs Blue Jackets - just no overtime
  • Senators over Islanders
  • Sharks over Canadiens