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The Wager Wire: Week 12

There’s a reason bankers have a reputation of being miserly. We found out the hard way.

Know why everyone hates bankers? Because they’re always on the lookout for a loophole.

Case in point, last week’s Wager Wire banker’s bonus. The banker said last week that if the Hurricanes found themselves in a playoff spot after Tuesday’s game against Boston, the banker would take pity on Cody - who, remember, last week was down to zero dollars in his account - and would give every player an amount equivalent to the cash that would be needed to get him back up to zero, assuming that Cody wouldn’t be all that successful in last week’s bets.

And then what does Cody do? Goes out and hits on a four-team parlay, of course, and banks close to $100. So the banker doesn’t have to pay anything to get Cody back to $0. Bankers, man.

Anyway, here’s how the table looks this week. It was a very good week across the board, with some big hits all over the place.

The Wager Wire Bank

Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Bettor Last week profit/loss Current balance
Brian -$25.00 -$17.23
Zeke -$60.00 $126.85
Kevin -$33.00 $139.67
Cody -$50.00 $61.88
Andrew -$15.00 $122.10
Jake -$20.00 $4.71

How do things look this week? Here comes our weekly stab at predicting the future. All odds come from Bovada and were accurate at the time the bet was recorded.

Banker’s Bonus!

Despite well-actuallying his way out of paying a bonus last week, the banker isn’t totally picking up his toys and going home. With Rod Brind’Amour facing two of his former coaches today and tomorrow, it’s a good time for a back-to-back challenge: if Brindy can take three points off Paul Maurice and Peter Laviolette, the banker will add a $10 kicker onto every Hurricanes bet next week.

This Week’s Bets


  • CAR/WPG third period will see the most goals scored: Vegas loves the Canes tonight for some reason, and I can’t quite figure out why. Do I think they’ll win? Yeah, but I’m not comfortable enough to put money on it. But what I do think will happen is an empty-netter to make this bet pay off at a nice price. +205 odds, $12 pays $24.60.
  • Parlay: Capitals -1.5, Canadiens straight up, Wild/Panthers under 6.0. $10 pays $53.33.


  • Canes to win -1.5: +160 odds, $10 pays $16.
  • Parlay: Hurricanes, Panthers, Capitals, Canadiens. $5 pays $31.74.


  • Canes to win in regulation: -110 odds, $10 pays $9.09.
  • Parlay: Capitals -1.5, no OT in any of the four games Friday. $10 pays $29.94.


  • Canes/Jets under 6.5: -110 odds, $11 pays $10.
  • Parlay: Capitals -1.5, Panthers straight up. $10 pays $25.


  • Parlay: Canes, Ducks, Panthers to win. $10 pays $51.19.
  • Capitals -3.5: +285 odds, $15 pays $42.75.


  • Canes/Jets under 6.5: -110 odds, $20 pays $18.18.
  • Parlay: Panthers +1.5, Devils +1.5, Ducks +1.5. $15 pays $42.56.