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Carolina Hurricanes vs. Toronto Maple Leafs: Game Preview and Storm Advisory

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The Hurricanes take on the Maple Leafs in their last non-divisional game of the NHL season.

Jamie Kellner

The Hurricanes come off of a disappointing loss on Sunday night in Pittsburgh to take on the Maple Leafs in Toronto. Tonight’s game is nearly a must win in order for the Canes reclaim the WC1 spot from the Blue Jackets.

Vital Statistics

Category Hurricanes Bruins
Category Hurricanes Bruins
Record 8-6 11-5
Goals/Game 2.79 3.31
Goals Against/Game 2.71 2.06
Shots/Game 30.9 34.3
Faceoff % 49.1% 53.3%
Power Play % (Rank) 10.0% (14) 31.9% (1)
Penalty Kill % (Rank) 70.8% (14) 85.7% (4)
ES Corsi For % 55.61% 51.66%
ES PDO 101.2% 101.0
PIM/Game 8:38 6:30

Goaltender #1

Category Petr Mrazek Tuukka Rask
Category Petr Mrazek Tuukka Rask
Record 5-5 11-5
Save % .894 .939
GAA 2.73 1.96

Goaltender #2

Category Curtis McElhinney Jaroslav Halak
Category Curtis McElhinney Jaroslav Halak
Record 3-1 0-0
Save % .943 N/A
GAA 1.70 N/A

Game Notes

  • The Hurricanes and Maple Leafs are meeting for the third and final game of the season. The Canes are 1-1-0 against Toronto this season.
  • 11 different Hurricanes players picked up points in the November 21st win over the Maple Leafs.
  • The Maple Leafs clinched a playoff berth and at least the third spot in the Atlantic Division last night with a win over the Islanders. There’s still a chance that they could overtake the Bruins for the second spot in the division.
  • The Hurricanes’ 93 points thus far this season is just the fourth time that the franchise has reached the milestone. The last time that they crested 93 points was in the 2008-09 season.
  • Almost all of the relevant teams are in action tonight, so definitely keep an eye on the league scoreboard.

Storm Advisory

  • Is this a bad April Fools joke, or real?
  • Speaking of April Fools, this is definitely not real. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Tampa Bay is making history.

Stalking the Standings

Tonight is absolutely huge for the Hurricanes. A win would go a long way in ensuring an eventual playoff berth and afford them a chance to leapfrog Columbus. A loss could push them out of the WC2 spot if Montreal is able to pick up a win against Tampa Bay.

Tonight’s Rooting Guide

  • Bruins over Blue Jackets
  • Lighting over Canadiens
  • Red Wings over Penguins