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Storm Advisory 4/23/19: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

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The Canes force game seven, Hamilton meets Hamilton, and it appears the players want a different playoff format.

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

Yesterday’s News Today: Canes win 5-2: It Ain’t Over Yet, Better late than never for Teuvo Teravainen and Sebastian Aho

  • Game 7 will be Wednesday at 7:30pm:
  • It appears that Hamilton got to meet his idol after the game last night:
  • The Checkers are about to host their first playoff game of their series and the promotions team decided to have a little fun:
  • A recent poll shows that 48% of NHLPA reps would prefer a change to the playoff system. [AP]
  • The Flyers have chosen to remove the Kate Smith statue that sat outside their arena. [ESPN]
  • The NHL has announced they will purchase carbon offsets to counter all the playoffs air traveling. [NHL]
  • NBC has explained why everyone got a great view of the back of a fan’s head during the Toronto vs Boston game six. [USA Today]
  • Oh, Wes:

Playoff Scoreboard

There were two game sixes on the schedule last night. We all know what happened in Raleigh, but out West there was a different story.

The Dallas Stars eliminated the Nashville Predators with a 2-1 victory via a John Klingberg overtime goal. The Predators become the latest higher seed, and the third division champion, to fall in the first round this year as it would seem this is officially the year of the underdog. Dallas will now move on to face off against the St. Louis Blues in round two.