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Storm Advisory 4/27/19: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

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The Canes take game one, Hamilton’s legacy just keeps building, and in case you didn’t know this is Jordan Martinook’s world, we’re just living in it.

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Islanders - Game One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Reading Assignments

Yesterday’s News Today: Staal and Mrazek lead Canes to game one overtime victory

  • If you haven’t yet, make sure to grab your Mr. Game Seven t-shirt!
  • It’s Jordan Martinook’s world and we are just living in it:
  • The Canes aren’t the only NC hockey team that has moved on to round two:
  • The Canes are getting support all around the league, this time by the LA Kings:
  • In Raleigh today? Swing by Brewgaloo to see the Stanley Cup in person:
  • Meet Hamilton, the 90lb good luck charm for the Hurricanes. [N&O]
  • Another write up about the all-mighty Hamilton. [ABC 11]
  • ...and of course he was in attendance last night at the watch party, which explains why the Canes won!
  • The second C stands for new daddy. [N&O]
  • Meet the Hurricanes, a ‘Bunch of Jerks’ who hope their Stanley Cup journey is just beginning. [USA Today]