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Carolina Hurricanes vs. New Jersey Devils: Game Preview and Storm Advisory

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Here we go: The Hurricanes take on the Metro basement-dwelling New Jersey Devils tonight in the final home game of the season.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Hurricanes will look to inch closer to, and perhaps clinch, a playoff berth tonight as they take on the struggling Devils in their final home game of the season. A win would go a long way toward propelling the Canes to their first playoff bid in a decade.

Vital Statistics

Category Hurricanes Bruins
Category Hurricanes Bruins
Record 8-6 11-5
Goals/Game 2.79 3.31
Goals Against/Game 2.71 2.06
Shots/Game 30.9 34.3
Faceoff % 49.1% 53.3%
Power Play % (Rank) 10.0% (14) 31.9% (1)
Penalty Kill % (Rank) 70.8% (14) 85.7% (4)
ES Corsi For % 55.61% 51.66%
ES PDO 101.2% 101.0
PIM/Game 8:38 6:30

Goaltender #1

Category Petr Mrazek Tuukka Rask
Category Petr Mrazek Tuukka Rask
Record 5-5 11-5
Save % .894 .939
GAA 2.73 1.96

Goaltender #2

Category Curtis McElhinney Jaroslav Halak
Category Curtis McElhinney Jaroslav Halak
Record 3-1 0-0
Save % .943 N/A
GAA 1.70 N/A

Game Notes

  • Tonight’s game is the fourth and final matchup between the two sides this season. The Devils lead the season series this year with a 2-1-0 record to date.
  • After a win in Toronto on Tuesday, the Hurricanes have tied a franchise record with 21 road wins this season. They will have a chance to break it on Saturday in the season finale in Philadelphia.
  • The Hurricanes have not yet confirmed a starter in net, but it will likely be Petr Mrazek, who secured a huge win with a solid performance in net on Tuesday night against the Maple Leafs.
  • The Devils confirmed that Cory Schneider will start in net against Carolina in just his 20th start of the season. Schneider has posted a .889 save percentage and a 3.73 GAA on the road this season.
  • There are a couple of scenarios that would allow for the Hurricanes to clinch a playoff spot tonight. They all involve a Canadiens loss in some form. Full details are below. Breathe.

Storm Advisory

  • We posted this yesterday too, but it’s worth re-reading: Scott Burnside on who exactly these jerks are. [The Athletic ($)]
  • Justin Williams jumped on the David Glenn show yesterday to talk about his Carolina Hurricanes (skip to the 27-minute mark). [Hipcast]
  • The NHL apparently told the Canes that they can’t sign and trade Adam Fox.
  • And more on the Adam Fox saga.
  • Speaking of the Devils, the organization made a big new hire yesterday. [ESPN]
  • The NHL and NHLPA have reportedly agreed to maintain the playoff format for at least another season. [CBS]

Stalking the Standings

After a decade, today could be the day. Then again, today could be totally agonizing... so stay on your toes, Canes fans. Here are the scenarios that would result in the Canes clinching a spot tonight:

  • Canes ROW and Canadiens loss in any form
  • Canes win in any form and Canadiens regulation loss
  • The Canes cannot clinch with a loss of any kind. They also cannot clinch if the Canadiens win.

There are actually still scenarios out there where the Canes can finish third - or even second - in the Metro. Finishing third would require the Canes to earn two more points than the Penguins (vs. Red Wings, vs. Rangers) the rest of the way, while staying at least a point ahead of the Blue Jackets. To finish second, the above scenario would need to happen, and in addition the Islanders (at Panthers, at Capitals) would need to lose out in regulation.

Almost all of the important teams are in action tonight, so be sure you keep an eye on the scoreboard as we watch our Canes take on the Devils in the final home game of the season.

Tonight’s Rooting Guide

  • Capitals over Canadiens
  • Panthers over Islanders
  • Red Wings over Penguins