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Carolina Hurricanes vs. Philadelphia Flyers: Game Preview and Storm Advisory

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The Canes have secured a playoff berth, but their regular season work is not over as they will need to win tonight to guarantee avoiding the Lightning in the first round.

Jamie Kellner

The Hurricanes play the Flyers in the final game of their regular season, and for the first time in 10 years, the 82nd game of their season isn’t the last. The Canes still have work to do tonight after a Blue Jackets shootout win last night over the Rangers. The Rangers are in action again tonight as they take on the Penguins in a very important game.

Vital Statistics

Category Hurricanes Bruins
Category Hurricanes Bruins
Record 8-6 11-5
Goals/Game 2.79 3.31
Goals Against/Game 2.71 2.06
Shots/Game 30.9 34.3
Faceoff % 49.1% 53.3%
Power Play % (Rank) 10.0% (14) 31.9% (1)
Penalty Kill % (Rank) 70.8% (14) 85.7% (4)
ES Corsi For % 55.61% 51.66%
ES PDO 101.2% 101.0
PIM/Game 8:38 6:30

Goaltender #1

Category Petr Mrazek Tuukka Rask
Category Petr Mrazek Tuukka Rask
Record 5-5 11-5
Save % .894 .939
GAA 2.73 1.96

Goaltender #2

Category Curtis McElhinney Jaroslav Halak
Category Curtis McElhinney Jaroslav Halak
Record 3-1 0-0
Save % .943 N/A
GAA 1.70 N/A

Game Notes

  • Tonight’s game is the final game of the season for Carolina and the fourth between the Canes and Flyers. The Hurricanes have dominated the series thus far, posting a 3-0-0 record.
  • A sweep would be just the fourth time in franchise history that the Canes kept the Flyers winless in the season series (1990-91, 1991-92, 2013-14).
  • The Canes clinched their 14th playoff berth in franchise history on Thursday night when they took down the Devils in regulation.
  • The team’s 97 points on the season is tied with the 2008-09 season for second-most points in franchise history. The only season with more points accumulated was the 2005-06 season, when the Canes picked up 112 points in the regular season.
  • Rod Brind’Amour leads franchise coaches in first year points with 97. The next closest coach is Kirk Muller, who had 93 points in his first season in charge of the Hurricanes.

Storm Advisory

  • It was a really good season for hockey in North Carolina.
  • Andrei Svechnikov: the Hurricanes secret weapon. (Nic Wallin would like a word, though.) [The Score]
  • No one’s ever going to accuse Rod Brind’Amour of mincing words: “I knew from day one” the Canes were playoff quality. [WRALSportsFan (video)]
  • It’s really kind of incredible, looking back on it, just how long ago 2009 really was. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Eat your heart out, Don Cherry.
  • The Canes season is continuing, and that means an encore playoff edition of Canes Corner on Monday!

Stalking the Standings

In the words of Petr Mrazek, “We’re in, we’re in!” The Canes are in, and we should absolutely enjoy that. But their work is not done. Keep and eye out on the standings tonight as the Penguins take on the Rangers and the Blue Jackets take on the Senators as two of the worst teams in the league try to play spoiler.

Here are the scenarios for tonight:

  • A Canes win clinches at least the first wild card, and avoids the Lightning. The Canes will play the Capitals in the first round with a win, unless the Rangers beat the Penguins in regulation. If that happens, the Canes will finish third in the Metro and will face the Islanders.
  • A Canes loss takes the Islanders off the table and could result in the Canes falling to the second wild card. If the Canes lose in regulation tonight, they will face the Lightning if the Blue Jackets get at least one point against the Senators. The Canes also get the Lightning if they lose at any time and the Jackets win.
  • If the Jackets lose and the Canes get at least a point, they will keep the first wild card and will play the Capitals.

And here’s where the standings sit on the final day of the season:

Rooting Guide

  • Rangers over Penguins in regulation
  • Senators over Blue Jackets in regulation