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Storm Advisory 4/9/2019: NHL News, Rumors, Links, and Daily Roundup

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Edwards Mill Road gets a playoff makeover, the Jr Canes are national champions, and Joel Quenneville has a new job.

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Congrats to the U14 Junior Hurricanes for winning their National Championship. No pressure on the fully grown Canes to follow suit:
  • An interesting look at some numbers between the Canes and Caps: (click through to read the whole thread)
  • Story lines and predictions for the round one match up with the Capitals. [The Athletic $]
  • Capitals’ old friend Justin Williams leads his Hurricanes against his old team. [Washington Post]
  • Lars Eller has a ‘very deep confidence’ the Capitals can handle the Hurricanes. [NBC Sports]
  • Who’s ready for seven games against Tom Wilson?!?!?! [AP]
  • Aleksi Saarela is ready to lead the Checkers through the playoffs. [Carolina Hurricanes]
  • Speaking of the Checkers, how can you not love their dog race:
  • Joel Quenneville is the new head coach of the Florida Panthers. [NHL]
  • John Tavares was almost a Bruins player before signing in Toronto. [NHL]
  • The NHL draft lottery is tonight and for once Canes fans do not have a vested interest. But in case you want to still check it out here are the odds for each team and more details. [NHL]
  • Answering your burning questions as the playoffs are about to begin. [CBS Sports]