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Storm Advisory: 5/4/19: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup


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Thailand Prepares For The Coronation of King Rama X Photo by Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images

Reading Assignments:

  • Like many people I struggle to find the best way to clean my floors. Based on reviews we have great recommendations on how to help. [Amazon].
  • Hey if you don’t have hardwood floors you can still enjoy cleaning just like sweeping. [Dyson]
China President Xi Welcomes Foreign Leaders Photo by Nicolas Asfouri-Pool/Getty Images
  • Historically speaking brooms are some of the oldest cleaning instruments. What we know of as a broom was created in the 1800’s. [Wikipedia]
  • You could win a SWEEPstakes with the NHL Hattrick challenge. Just another game that the Isles lost besides hockey and tag. [NHL]
  • Sometimes sweeping is too difficult or time consuming. Sometimes you need a quick, easy automated sweeping. Check out this, you can even add a speaker to create a DJ Roomba. [Roomba]
  • The most specialized sweeping is done by archaeologists who use specialized brooms to sweep off delicate artifacts. [PBS]
  • One of the most fundamental batting techniques in cricket is the sweep. [BBC]
Leicestershire v Pakistan Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images
  • And finally, the science behind sweeping, and how it helps lead the prize closer to the house (Business Insider).
Curling - Winter Olympics Day 8 Photo by Harry How/Getty Images